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1. We are light and display enthusiasts who take joy

in helping to spread the joy that holiday displays can bring to the communities that they are in.

2. We are a family orientated

team who strive to put together resources for families to find displays that are fun and suitable for all ages, young and old

3. We a community service,

and we rely on our community

to help keep things accurate

and up to date for everyone’s enjoyment during the holiday seasons.

What do you do?

1. We research and compile listings of holiday displays all throughout the year. Christmas, Halloween, Easter, and more!!We make maps of each of these sets of listings.

2. We have built not only a

network of displays, but also of display owners, creating a community for them to

help and learn from each

others experiences.

Frequently asked Questions.

Q: Why do you do this?

A: Because we enjoy holiday displays of all kinds, and like to support the displays and their owners, as many do collect for a charity that has meaning to them or their local area

Q: Why do you cover such a big area?

A: During the Holidays people tend to travel, this list allows them to find a holiday display outside of their normal home area, without having to seek out additional resources.

3. We Visit, photograph, record videos, and share that content on our social media platforms for the community to experience the displays as some they may not be able see otherwise.

Q: Do you know of displays in (Enter city name here)?

A: Maybe, maybe not, check out the map and listings for a complete list of what we know, and what has been submitted to us.

Q: Can my display be added to the list?

A: Please fill out our form on our More Found Here page, provide details about the display, Most important details are the full address so the display can be easily found, additional details are nice, including: is the display static, animated, and a small description of the display. Submitting photos also is preferred, but not required.

Q: Are you paid by the displays to list them?

A: It would be nice if we could make a paid living doing this, currently we receive no compensation for listing any displays. We do this as a community service, and to help support the charities the local displays may be collecting donations for.

We are open to sponsorships, and some limited advertising.

We also will gladly accept donations from our community and followers to cover our expenses of running this project.

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